Home Installation

We make sure it’s done right.

The correct installation of your home is the most important part of the manufactured home buying process. When you buy a home from Easy Mobile Homes we are 100% responsible for the delivery and installation. Before we begin, we will meet you at the job site to verify the path of delivery and mark the exact home placement. Soil tests and penetrometer tests will be performed. We will then build the foundation pad taking care to create the proper drainage so that water will move away from the home. We will install a minimum 6 Mils plastic vapor barrier on top of the pad to protect the home from ground moisture and mildew. A water level will be used during installation to properly level the home. The piers will be properly spaced to exceed minimum pier spacing and will be placed on top of pads that are correctly sized for the home and conditions. Anchors will exceed minimum requirements.

All Tie-Down straps will be correctly crimped and tightened. Piers, anchors, and tie-downs will be placed according to weight distribution based on the Manufacturer’s Set-up Manual, DOT Rule 15C, HUD Standards, soil conditions, and/or a sealed engineered plan (if required). Longitudinal and latitudinal anchoring systems will be installed to secure the home against movement forward and backward. The roof will be inspected and sealed. All utility connections will be made correctly. All stairs will be securely leveled and anchored. Once the electric has been connected we will perform all the start ups on your kitchen appliances, HVAC system, and water heater.

At completion we will do a final walk through with you to verify that all work was completed correctly.

Jobsite Safety

Nothing is more important than job site safety. No amount of money is worth saving if it means that people would be put at risk of injury. We will take every safety precaution and obey all safety-related procedures and laws during the manufactured home installation process.

Installation Warranty

We warranty the complete installation of the home for an entire year after final inspection pass. You simple call or email our warranty department and we will send out a repair tech usually within a few days and many times sooner.

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